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  1. The manufacturer of metering and mixing systems can look back over 30 years of successful history.


  1. METER MIX® Systems welcomes new international distributors at an introductory 2K product training in Mannheim, Germany.

  2. METER MIX® Systems keeps expanding its presence in the European market, especially in the countries Italy, Germany and Czech Republic.

  3. METER MIX® presents the new PAR 20CE machine with twin electric servo drive system. This ensures a total precision over flow rate, mixing ratio and shot size control.


  1. METER MIX® introduces the new PAR 3CM – an upgradeable and easily operated metering and mixing machine for various applications.

  2. METER MIX® Systems now enters the US and Canadian market and welcomed the new distributors with an intensive technical and sales product training.

  3. METER MIX® Systems presents itself from now on with a new website and in a new corporate design.

  4. METER MIX® Systems welcomed new and existing worldwide distributors for advanced in-house technical and sales training sessions.


  1. METER MIX® Systems are proud to announce that their engineering apprentice was awarded Engineering Apprentice Student of the Year 2016.

  2. METER MIX® Systems introduces the new PAR 3CE metering and mixing machine - optimal suited for electronic potting, casting, moulding and component bonding.