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Material Pressure Regulator

METER MIX® Systems Material Pressure Regulator

For a precise dispensing of grease and oil

The METER MIX® material pressure regulator reduce the pressure of the fed material to the required working pressure. Apart from reducing pressure (main function), these valves compensate pulsations which occur during material delivery with piston pumps due to the changeover position of the pump.

Product Features

  • Accurate material pressure regulation
  • A constant material flow is ensured
  • Compensation of pulsations

Technical Data

Product Code   80002 80001
Internal diameter mm 4 8
Flow rate at 50.000 mPa s l/min <0,5 1,0-1,2
Material input pressure (P work) bar 20-250 20-250
Material output pressure bar 6-50 6-50
Maximum pressure (P max) bar 250 250

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