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Machines for the processing of fluids and pastes

2K Dispensing Systems

Metering and mixing epoxy, polyurethane, methacrylate, polysulphide and silicone

METER MIX® offers a wide range of machines and consumables for the metering, mixing and dispensing of two-part materials such as epoxy, polyurethane, methacrylate, polysulfide or silicone. They work with different techniques: piston pump metering, rod displacement metering or gear pump metering. The piston pump metering systems are characterized by a precise volumetric mixing ratio metering and a single acting adjustable shot volume metering. They are available with pneumatic or electric in-line drive units and disposable static or rotary/static mixing. The METER MIX® gear pump metering systems allow a precise programmable ratio metering and a constant flow dispensing. They also include independent electric drive units and disposable static or static/rotary mixing. Especially for micro-shot dispensing down to 0,04 ml METER MIX® designed the PAR 2P and PAR 2E with rod displacement metering system. All machines of the METER MIX® PAR series accommodate a wide material viscosity acceptance that enable a plurality of applications. All machines are available as table top or floor standing machines.

Piston Pump Metering

  1. PAR 3B

    PAR 3B

    The PAR 3B is the leading entry level model for dispensing accurate doses of mixed product within a wide range of applications.

  2. PAR 3C & PAR 3CT

    PAR 3C & PAR 3CT

    The PAR 3C & PAR 3CT are both piston pump metering systems that convince with a precise volumetric fixed ratio metering.

  3. PAR 3CE & PAR 3CTE

    PAR 3CE & PAR 3CTE

    The PAR 3CE & PAR 3CTE provide a reliable dispense with the added benefit of electric servo drive speed and shot size control.

  4. PAR 3CM

    PAR 3CM

    The PAR 3CM machine provides reliable, advanced flow rate and ratio control characteristics during dispense, especially in applications such as electronic potting, bonding or moulding.

  5. PAR 4C & PAR 4CT

    PAR 4C & PAR 4CT

    The PAR 4C & PAR 4CT machines provide a reliable, advanced flow rate and ratio control characteristics during the dispensing process.

  6. PAR 4CE & PAR 4CTE

    PAR 4CE & PAR 4CTE

    The PAR 4CE & PAR 4CTE ensure an accurate and consistent processing of materials with high mix ratios or vastly differing viscosities.

  7. PAR 5C

    PAR 5C

    The PAR 5C incorporates robust and proven metering and mixing principles and provides the perfect solution to many applications.

  8. PAR 20 & PAR 20C/20CE

    PAR 20 & PAR 20C/20CE

    The PAR 20 & PAR 20C are specifically developed to process a wide range of high-viscosity material systems.

  9. PAR 20F & PAR 200F

    PAR 20F & PAR 200F

    The PAR 20F & PAR 200F machines enable high-viscosity materials to be processed directly from the suppliers container.

  10. PAR 200 & PAR 200C

    PAR 200 & PAR 200C

    The PAR 200 & PAR 200C will meter precise doses or accurate beads of mixed product within a wide range of applications.

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