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METER MIX® PAR 2P metering mixing and dispensing machine

Specifically developed to meet the increasing demand to dispense small discrete shots of homogeneously mixed two-part materials, the PAR 2P & PAR 2E incorporates mechanically linked positive displacement rod-metering pumps to provide precise dispensing of micro shot sizes down to 0.04ml. The PAR 2P is supplied with a cost-effective, pneumatically operated, drive unit whilst the PAR 2E incorporates the added benefit of electric servo drive speed and shot size control.

The PAR 2P & PAR 2E machines provides reliable, proven fixed ratio metering control during dispense, and the lightweight construction allows it to be mounted directly onto an articulated robot or the METER MIX® XYZ System Cartesian robot for accurate point of application dispensing. The PAR 2P & PAR 2E can also be interfaced with automated systems for fully or semi-automatic applications. Incorporating robust and proven metering and mixing principles, the advanced PAR 2P & PAR 2E provides the perfect solution to many small shot applications. These machines are normally supplied with a benchtop framework with foot pedal actuation.

Typical Applications

    • Electronic Potting
    • Component Bonding
    • Sealing

    Typical Materials

      • Polyurethane
      • Epoxy
      • Silicone
      • Methacrylate

      Technical Data

        PAR 2P & PAR 2E
      Ratio Range Capability 1:1 to 18:1
      (depending upon pumps selected)
      Viscosity acceptance Up to 500,000 mPa.s
      (depending upon material thixotropy)
      Shot size Available from approx. 0.04ml up to
      7.96ml at a ratio of 1:1 by volume
      Cycle Rate Up to 15 shots per minute
      (depending upon viscosity)
      Mixing Disposable Static
      Reservoir Capacity 500ml plastic cartridges

      Standard Features

      • Bench top machine
      • Metering Pumps: Single acting rod-displacement
      • Twin non-return valve injection block assembly with static mixer outlet
      • “Metered Shot” mode on the PAR 2P
      • "Metered” & “Operator Controlled” shot size selection on PAR 2E
      • Shot size adjuster with digital reference indicator on PAR 2P
      • Electronic shot size and flow rate control on PAR 2E
      • Service indicator lamp
      • Controls:
        • Integrated PLC control (with colour HMI touchscreen operator interface on PAR 2E)
        • PAR2E incorporates “Recipe” function with up to 50 programmable flow rate and shot sizes
        • Main Off/On switch
        • Emergency Stop & Reset Buttons
        • Anti-gel automatic purge timer
        • Shot counter/repeater unit for multiple shot applications
        • Either foot pedal or remote start options available
        • 230vAC electric supply + compressed air @ 80 p.s.i.

      Available Options

      • 6lt (1,58 gal) capacity reservoir sizes on special support framework
      • Pneumatically operated mixer valve for accurate shut-off after dispense
      • Digitally controlled heating
      • Pressurised cartridge feeds for processing thick (non-pourable) materials
      • Stainless steel wetted parts to protect against corrosion
      • Hardened parts to protect against abrasion
      • Bulk transfer pump & accumulator feed facility directly from suppliers containers

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